Welcome to the website of Gyeongbuk Bio Industry Research Institute.

This is Taek-Kwan Lee, Director of Gyeongbuk Bio Industry Research Institute.

The bio industry (BT), along with the information industry (IT), nano industry (NT), and service industry, is the next-generation growth engine that will lead the global economy in the 21st century, and will create high added value in various areas through convergence and integration with other industries. It is expected to be an industry that can be used.

In line with this, our research institute is also pursuing a second leap based on the achievements of the past 10 years since its establishment in 2004.
First, by securing original technologies through industrialization-centered research and development, and transferring them to local companies, contributing to the improvement of technology, while creating new jobs through customized business support projects centered on demand by local bio companies and training field experts. We will establish a virtuous cycle support system. In addition, we will lead the improvement of product competitiveness in bio companies by supporting the production of new and prototype products using global-level health functional food GMP facilities established in the hospital.

We will lead the creative economy in Gyeongbuk by fostering the bio industry. In addition, we promise to do our best with a sense of mission so that the Gyeongbuk bio industry can stand shoulder to shoulder with the bio-advanced countries.

We ask for your active participation and support so that we can play a pivotal role in the development of the bio industry in the future.

Thank you.