2002 ~
  • 2002.06
    1st stage regional strategic industry promotion business agreement signed
  • 2003.01
    Gyeongbuk Bio Health Industry Commercialization Support Center in Gyeongbuk Techno Park
  • 2004.07
    Established Gyeongbuk Bio Industry Research Institute (with permission from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
  • 2005.10
    Opened Gyeongbuk Bio Industry Research Institute (Songcheon-dong, Andong-si)
  • 2006.03
    Started food nutrient analysis and quality evaluation
  • 2007.06
    Designated and operated as an eco-friendly agricultural product certification institution (No. 36)
  • 2007.10
    Received the Prime Minister's Award and the Minister of Science and Technology Award in the Regional Innovation Competition
  • 2008.11
    2nd stage regional strategic industry promotion business agreement (3 projects including the construction of Gyeongbuk Bio Venture Plaza)
  • 2010.10
    Selected as a customized production support business for vaccine raw materials such as influenza (attracted from SK Chemicals)
2011 ~
  • 2011.08
    Achieved S grade for 2 consecutive years in the management performance evaluation of a funded institution in Gyeongsangbuk-do
  • 2011.10
    Developed livestock disease control system and won Baekdudaegan Greenmine high value-added food industry activation business
  • 2011.11
    Gyeongbuk Bio Venture Plaza ISO9001 (Quality), 14001 (Environment) certification, health functional food GMP designation
  • 2013.02
    Received a commendation from the Minister of Health and Welfare for the improvement of expertise in the bio field and job creation
  • 2013.06
    3rd stage regional specialized industry promotion project (technical support, manpower training, commercialization support)
  • 2013.11
    Opened Gyeongbuk Bio Venture Plaza (Pungsan-eup, Andong-si)
  • 2014.02
    Designated as a food testing and inspection agency (KFDA No. 90)
  • 2015.12
    Attracting Gyeongbuk (Andong) for the national global vaccine industrialization infrastructure project
  • 2016.09
    Awarded the commendation from the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy in the national economic development sector
  • 2016.12
    Opened Andong Branch of International Vaccine Research Institute in Gyeongbuk Bio Venture Plaza
  • 2016.12
    Local business excellence and Gyeongsangbuk-do governor's best commendation
2017 ~
  • 2017.08
    Gyeongsangbuk-do investment-funded institution management performance evaluation for 5 consecutive years
  • 2017.12
    Acquired international standard anti-corruption management system (ISO37001) certification
  • 2017.12
    Acquired certification as a family-friendly organization by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family
  • 2018.02
    Designated as a livestock testing and inspection agency (Food and Drug Administration No. 65)
  • 2018.12
    Received a commendation from the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy in the field of nurturing bio experts
  • 2019.05
    Ministry of Education Education Donation Career Experience Organization Certification
  • 2019.06
    (Ministry of Industry) Selected as a vaccine commercialization technology support base system construction project
  • 2019.06
    Researcher integrated and relocated into Gyeongbuk Bio Industrial Complex (Songcheon-dong → Pungsan-eup)
  • '16~'19
    Held the International Vaccine Industry Forum
  • 2020.07
    Selected as a general agency for the Gyeongbuk Industrial HEMP Free Regulatory Zone